One size fits all?

09024775-78AF-4ECD-904F-523F0E8DE5B3Here we are again. Advertising for a new staff member

Trying hard to get applicants to focus – “kindly fill in the form describing your experience of resource mobilisation”. 9 of 10 has not done that.

Kindly send a cover letter describing how you match the criteria we have listed. 10 of 10 has not done that.

Instead they describe their experience on customer support, youth motivation, social work, tree planting etc etc. All good experience – for that kind of work. But we seek a person who knows how to raise funds.

So what is this all about? Is it the thinking that one has formulated the perfect cover letter spending hours on the perfect language? Thinking that this is the Perfect Coverletter that fits all jobs. Should one blame the websites (Brighter Monday – i mean you!!)  that asks one to write a cover letter and CV and with just one click send the application to whoever is recruiting?

Meanwhile there are the few ones who really spend time listing their experience vs the adverts requirements. Good that they exist. Otherwise I would have given up.

But to change a bad pattern I can not just sigh and give up. I’m responding to all “one size fits all” applicants sharing with them my reaction. Some respond with a “Thank you” – others insist that they have sent the perfect application.

Rome was not built in one day.

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