Run! Run like the wind!

But I didn’t run like the wind. I ran like a bowling ball all the way from gate F4 to D68. Through security check. Through passport control. In 15 minutes

My flight from Nairobi was over one hour delayed. Next flight to Stockholm …… gate closing in 20 minutes. 20 minutes to enter Schengen.

No way! You will not make it...said the purser on the Nairobi flight.

But try! Try! Run like the wind!

KLM staff at F4; -“Hurry!!!”

You are the ones who are delayed!!” was the obvious answer.

And I made it . I might have stepped on other people’s toes. I might have scared some old ladies.

I knew that all flights today and tomorrow were fully booked due to Air France strike and end of Easter holidays. So running was the only option.

And finally at gate D68 …. and boardingpass not accepted . “Seating problem”.

But it was a good problem. Upgrade to business where an angel purser took care of me. Cold water. Wet towels. Cava.

And :-Can I make you happy with another bottle of cava?

But then.. Which flight did you come from? the angel asked


Oh. We are waiting for passengers from that flight! It wasn’t necessary to run….

Flight left 25 minutes after timetable.


And landing at Arlanda. Where is the message saying the suitcase did not make it? I dont find it on my phone. Messenger? No. Twitter? No. KLM app? No.

But there’s the suitcase. It’s not sweating. It managed to get on the plane. Faster than me.

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