Poor Lima.. what has the city done to deserve this?

6 days ago Lima changed Mayor. Susana Villarans mandate came to its end after 4 years (even if the mafiosos behind the chaotic traffic and other forces close to the former Mayor Luis Castaneda wanted to kick her out after only 2 years in office- but she survived the referendum).
Now the former Mayor is back in office having won the elections last year. Today I found out that his spokesperson – (he does not speak – I mean he can speak but he doesn’t – so he is called El Mudo amongst other things… ) the Deputy Mayor Patricia Juarez has blocked me on Twitter.
She is also using the tactics of not answering – but accusing. Just after a few days in office she let 3000 of the staff know that they do not have any contracts any longer. Of course municipalities change directors and other staff who need to be loyal to new political powers – that is normal. But in this case staff working in parks, security staff – yes – the workers of Municipalities that you see when out in Lima are the ones fired.

So why firing so many staff? I guess its because they need money for things that Castaneda normally does – constructs smaller things that he can inaugurate signing the stairs, benches and other small constructions with his name.
Villaran was more looking at the bigger picture – working on megaprojects financed not by the municipality budget but with agreements with private sector. This is not the tactics of Castaneda – he wants to control the money .
If one is curious on how he manages public funds – just google “Comunicore”.

Well any way, that the Deputy Mayor has blocked me on Twitter I see that as something very symptomatic behaviour from her and her boss. No dialogue.
Poor Lima. What have you done to deserve this…..

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