Puking on peruvian political “debate”

Almost 4 years in Peru. I do appreciate the sunday columns in La Republica. I did appreciate Rosa Maria Palacios tv program Tribuna Abierta. But I puke on the rest. Media is thrown a bone and they run like the dogs at the Parque de Faro in Miraflores. Wildly chasing the bone, not having in mind w h o did throw the bone and why. Just running, chasing the bone and then chewing the bone on and on again while the one who did throw the bone smiles happily.
Some examples:
1. the First Lady flies to Brasil together with representatives from Ministries of Women and Social Inclusion. She is there to met the president and relevant ministries for sharing experience and discussing collaboration. A normal day at work it seems. But no. She was using the presidential plane without being on the by the congress approved list of passengers…. No questions on what the results of the travel was. No! She used the presidential plane!
2. Ambassador Lynch – well now ex-ambassador Lynch – in Argentina had protests from the Sendero Luminoso political wing Movadef outside his embassy, walls painted with anti presidential slogans. So Lynch decides to meet a delegation of the protesters. Media does not ask w h a t he told the Movadef. Oh no! Its the meeting! He met them! No one asks if he actually told them to piss off and keep their protests elsewhere. No. He met them!
3. Minister of Foreign Affairs Roncanciglio was 2008 in a graduate meeting in his former school. On the Facebook of a guy linked to Sendero Luminoso a photo appears where this guy is siting at a table 2 meters from Roncanciglio. No one asks if they shook hands, if they greeted, if they talked with each other, if they exchanged business cards. Oh no! He was on the photo!
And so it can go on.
So of course. Here I am. Following the criteria of media like Peru21 I am hereby a member of the UK brittish family – but i guess they would think its KimJongIl in the photo so of course I’m a stalinist now.
The government is not attacked with constructive criticism – the attacks are in form of bones thrown to dogs. Attacks that takes the focus away from politics and leads the debate into ” Who travelled!!!! (Not why they travelled) Who met!!!! (not why they met and the outcome of the meeting) Who is in the same photo!! (absolutely ridiculous!)


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